Why Purple Corn?

Lately, we’ve been rediscovering the roots of our food.

Long before we had bred our grains and fruits to be big, quick-to-grow, easy-to-harvest and easy-to-store, we had foods that were much denser in both nutrition and flavor.

Take corn. We now know that one of the most ancient forms is Kculli,  a beautiful purple variety that was once a staple in the Incan empire, and almost became one of the “lost crops of the Incas”.

Luckily, Purple Corn is still grown in Peru.  It and other, later-developed strains of  purple corns are staples in South America, but this incredible food is only just now reaching the US.

For thousands of years, the people of the Andes have soaked Purple Corn to make a refreshing drink called chicha, which is now recognized as a nutritive powerhouse due to its extremely high anthocyaninin content.

Anthocyaninins are miracle molecules found in darkly colored fruits and vegetables.  They’re being studied for their ability to improve everything from cardiovascular health to collagen regeneration.  There’s also been some very promising studies on their effects on cancer cells.

•    Higher antioxidant capacity and free radical fighting ability than any other grain or fruit
•    Substantial amounts of phenolics and anthocyanins, among other beneficial phytochemicals.
•    CG3, the anthocyanin found in Purple Corn, is among the most potent antioxidants in existence.

Of course, Purple Corn is more than a healthy source of nutrients…it’s also a fun way to make tortillas, soups, and (purple) cornbread recipes!


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