Purple Powerhouse

Chicha Morada

Haven’t heard about Purple Corn yet? It’s not just for corn chips.

Science has rediscovered this ancient Andean superfood and revealed its amazing healing properties.

It all starts with the source of the Purple in the Corn: an antioxidant flavonoid called C3G, proven to be among the most potent antioxidants in existence.

We hear a lot about how antioxidants protect against wear-and-tear and possibly even cancer, and C3G is no exception: laboratory studies have proven it highly effective in protecting animals against tumors and all sorts of liver-killing chemicals.

But C3G is nearly miraculous for its ability to support health in several other ways: it has shown anti-inflammatory and cholesterol-lowering effects, and it may have the potential to fight obesity and diabetes.

In animal studies, high-fat diets always create chubby critters, but when this fatty diet is supplemented with C3G, the animals don’t gain weight. While a high-fat diet normally elevates blood-sugar and insulin levels (the first steps on the road to diabetes), C3G kept the test-subjects in balance.

Not only that, C3G may protect against inflammation. In animals studies, it definitely works to protect against toxin-related swelling of the liver.

To top it all off, the class of chemicals C3G belongs to (anthocyaninins) seem to stabilize and protect capillaries from oxidative damage and have been shown to stabilize connective tissue, promote collagen formation, improve microcirculation and help protect blood vessels from oxidative damage!

So if you’re already supplementing your diet with plenty of whole foods in order to get flavonoids and antioxidants that you can’t find in any lab-formulated pills and powders, then you definitely need to add Purple Corn Extract to your daily regimen.

But make sure you’re getting it from reputable sources – just because it says “Organic” doesn’t mean it’s a pure, live food! Can your supplier trace their product directly to its source? Was it exposed to high temperatures during processing, or was it juiced and slowly evaporated to preserve delicate nutrients in their original functional form?

Get informed and power up with purple!


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